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Battle enemies with a variety of animated attack moves

Talk to characters and learn how to prevent the impending global catastophe!

- More About The Game -

The late Cretaceous is a dangerous time in which to live - and not just because there's a large comet up there with your name on it. Hordes of rival dinosaurs prowl the prehistoric landscape and they all want nothing more than to bite a large chunk out of your scaly hide. So keep your wits about you and your claws sharp as you pounce, bite and tailwhip your way towards salvation!

But there's more to being a velociraptor than biting things...

During your travels you will encounter puzzles and challenges to stretch the intellect and test the dexterity. While many obstacles can be sorted out with a good pounce or ground-slam, some must be climbed or pushed into place or swum under. Observe the environment around you before you unleash raptor fury upon it.

With their ability to build machines revealed, it should come as no surprise to learn that dinosaurs can also talk. They talk quite a lot in fact, and you will need to listen carefully to what they have to say or you may find yourself lost inside a Cretaceous cave, or marooned on a Mesozoic mountaintop.

Here you can check out the original soundtrack from Sixty Five Million And One BC.

Why, you might ask, would I do that when I can just copy it from the game's ...

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- System Requirements -

    Windows 2000, Windows XP or Windows Vista
    DirectX 8 or later
    DirectX compatible graphics card with at least 32 MB of video memory
    Pentium or equivalent processor
    DirectX 8 compatible sound card
    At least 1 GB of RAM (recommended)
    800 x 600 (or greater) screen resolution with 16-bit or 32-bit colours

- Download the Demo -

Click the link below to download the latest demo of Sixty Five Million And One BC.

There are no installers - just a stand-alone executable and a data folder - so you don't need to worry about adware, spyware or anything else being sneakily installed. Just download the WinZip archive and extract the contents, then run the executable '65M+1BC.exe' to play!

If you have any problems running the game, have a look through our Frequently Asked Questions page and if that doesn't help, feel free to drop us an e-mail - contact details are at the bottom of the homepage.
attacking enemies
Pretty sky can only mean one thing: imminent global catastrophe that can only be averted by talking velociraptors
- Demo Limitations -

In the demo version of Sixty Five Million And One BC, you will only be able to play the first 12 levels - roughly 1/4 of the full game.

Buying the full version will allow you to play through all 35 levels, taking you up the mountains, through the forest, over the raptor nest, across the plains, deep into the dark raptor cave, and even inside the machine that is gradually ...

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