Impress Your Potential Marriage Partner With Dinosaur Pet!

[img credit: The Emerald Sims Estates]

Getting married in Sims is an exciting opportunity. It is a union of two Sims characters that you have invested heavily on by manipulating the Social Points. By bonding with the right person, it can trigger an event called proposal, which is not always 100% guaranteed to lead to marriage.

If your sim is having a tough time scoring a marriage to start a family, then the next step is by using the pet. This part is very not recommended but the easiest way is by obtaining a pet that is simply awesome. Yes, you can farm Simoleon moneys for more expensive rings but hear me out, the dinosaur pets are simply the way to go. Otherwise, you'd have to be cheaters like this and bypass all this nonsense.

First, you have to leave the Sim Town and stop socializing with other characters. Go to the dinosaur island and kidnap one, preferably the small one. You see, small dinosaurs tend to drool lesss than the more mature ones so this why you can attract the right mate for you.