Dinosaur Video Games For Your Jurassic Adventures

Battle enemies with a variety of animated attack moves

Talk to characters and learn how to prevent the impending global catastophe!

- More About The Game -

The late Cretaceous is a dangerous time in which to live - and not just because there's a large comet up there with your name on it. Hordes of rival dinosaurs prowl the prehistoric landscape and they all want nothing more than to bite a large chunk out of your scaly hide. So keep your wits about you and your claws sharp as you pounce, bite and tailwhip your way towards salvation!

But there's more to being a velociraptor than biting things...

During your travels you will encounter puzzles and challenges to stretch the intellect and test the dexterity. While many obstacles can be sorted out with a good pounce or ground-slam, some must be climbed or pushed into place or swum under. Observe the environment around you before you unleash raptor fury upon it.

With their ability to build machines revealed, it should come as no surprise to learn that dinosaurs can also talk. They talk quite a lot in fact, and you will need to listen carefully to what they have to say or you may find yourself lost inside a Cretaceous cave, or marooned on a Mesozoic mountaintop.

Here you can check out the original soundtrack from Sixty Five Million And One BC.

Why, you might ask, would I do that when I can just copy it from the game's data folder? Well, the files here sound much nicer because they are high quality MP3 format as opposed to the heavily compressed Ogg Vorbis files that are included with the game. Also these ones have proper names and ID3 tags so you can sort and categorise them if you are that way inclined.
Plains Theme.mp3    2.7 MB    Plays throughout the plains levels
Boss Arrival.mp3    502 kB    Those bosses never look so tough at first...
Dark Raptors.mp3    982 kB    As evil as their name suggests, kinda
Boss Fight.mp3    1.7 MB    Terrifying battle music for the terrifying boss battles
Raptor Nest Theme.mp3    1.7 MB    Plays throughout the raptor nest
Getting The HUD.mp3    62 kB    YOU GOT THE HUD
Forest Victory.mp3    317 kB    It wasn't so tough after all
Song Of Rain.mp3    287 kB    Not quite storms though
Mountains Theme.mp3    2.1 MB    Plays throughout the mountains levels
Cave Victory.mp3    663 kB    The dark raptors are defeated!
Saving The World.mp3    2.1 MB    With a machine made out of wood and grass
Aftermath.mp3    926 kB    The comet is destroyed and so is history
Who Cares We're Dinosaurs.mp3    318 kB    And what are we doing talking?
Minigame.mp3    743 kB    Plays during the small challenges
I Spy A Comet.mp3    1.4 MB    Daaaaaaaamn
Sixty Five Million And One BC.mp3    2.9 MB    Opening themes
The Attack Dummy.mp3    931 kB    Who would have suspected?
Forest Theme.mp3    2.1 MB    Plays throughout the forest levels
Dark Raptor Cave Theme.mp3    1.9 MB    Plays throughout the cave levels
Pack Battle.mp3    692 kB    Dark raptors versus green ones!
Through Fire And Water.mp3    199 kB    Fortunately he respawns
Mountains Victory.mp3    388 kB    That'll teach him to make his platform out of exploding rock
Flying To The Mountains.mp3    250 kB    Thanks goodness for friendly pterodactyls